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Wed, 08 Jan 2014

New 2014 Honda Motorcycles

2014 CBR300RA

A true sporting lightweight which can offer much of the excitement of a bigger machine and sometimes more, as every last scrap of performance can be accessed, used and enjoyed. It's a great platform from which to hone riding skills, and much more affordable in every respect - initial purchase, insurance, fuel and tyres - than more higher-powered sports bikes.

Its predecessor, the CBR250R provided the perfect entry point into Honda's Super Sport CBR range. Its compact size, involving single-cylinder engine, and looks inspired by bigger CBR machines - plus typically strong Honda build quality - have earned it a key position in Honda's Super Sport line-up

For 2014, Honda's engineers have taken it back to the drawing board; the CBR300R is the next evolution.


2014 CTX 1300

Many riders appreciate the combination of cruising style and 'real world' practicality that a custom touring machine can offer. In response to a growing trend - mature motorcyclists wanting more ability, power, performance and a higher specification than a 'traditional' air-cooled V-twin bagger-style cruiser - Honda has combined the best attributes of both touring and cruiser motorcycles to create a unique proposition: the new CTX1300.


2014 CB650F

A true four-cylinder middleweight that offers high style and specification, an easy-to-use all-round fun riding experience and real value for money.

The CB650F turns the page on the CB600F Hornet and, sharing no common parts, starts a fresh chapter. Brand new from the wheels up - conceived and developed by a young team of Honda engineers - the concept behind its performance is completely different. It's been designed from the outset to put the rider fully in tune with the machine and offer arresting style, identity and attitude.


2014 CBR1000RR SP

For the very first time, Honda is producing the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. A track-focused, yet fully road legal machine, that not only looks special - it is special.

The chassis wears circuit-ready front and rear Ohlins suspension plus Brembo four-piston mono block calipers, with frame revisions and new top and bottom yokes to suit. Honda's electronic Combined Anti-lock Brake System is an option, with software remapped appropriately. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres are the finishing touch. Further marking the SP version out from the standard machine is its own unique Tricolour paint - white and two-tone blue, with a central red stripe and trademark Honda gold wheels.


2014 VFR800F

We know that the legion of VFR800F fans know exactly what they like about their bike and also what they'd like more - and less - of in a new model. They want a high-quality motorcycle with strong low and mid-range torque, light and slim but just as capable and adaptable, with a return to the evocative look and feel of VFRs of the past.

The waiting is over - the new VFR800F is here.


2014 CBR650FA

For 2014 Honda has moved in a different direction; a true four-cylinder sporty middleweight that offers high style and specification, an involving easy-to-use riding experience and real value for money.

The new CBR650F is brand new from the wheels up. It's been designed from inception by a young team of Honda engineers as a sports-oriented bike, usable and enjoyable in the real world by riders of all backgrounds, in environments from busy urban streets to twisting back roads.

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