Honda Fleet Motorcycles

If your business depends on being productive by getting from A to B swiftly and economically, then Honda motorcycles are the perfect addition to your company fleet.

Maximising productivity

Traffic congestion. Roadworks. Rush hours. Not only are they frustrating, they can affect the efficiency and output of your business. On a motorcycle, by negotiating traffic and using bus lanes, significant time savings and increases in productivity can be achieved.

Lowering running costs

Lower purchase price or leasing costs. Cheaper road taxes. Exemption from congestion charges, most toll fees and parking costs. Combined with the fuel savings – it all adds up to a cost effective fleet solution.

Using Honda motorcycles as part of a company fleet can deliver considerable financial and business benefits.

  • NC750S 81.6 mpg £80 VED
  • CBF125 160.2 mpg £17 VED
  • SH125i 133.9 mpg £17 VED
  • PCX125 133.9 mpg £17 VED
  • Vision 110/50 146.9 mpg £17 VED
  • CB500F 80.2 mpg £58 VED

Business motorcycle case study

DWS Automotive – London and the M25

Faced with daily traffic delays, DWS Automotive’s claim assessors were looking for shorter journey times and greater mobility.

Compared to the small cars they were using, their fleet of CB500Fs increased productivity nearly twofold with the ability to negotiate congested roads. Purchasing the bikes outright because the OTR price was the same as the car deposit, they have no leasing fees, pay nothing in Congestion Charge, toll fees or parking and use half the fuel. They estimate to be making a 50% cost saving overall.

£17 VED

Vehicle Excise Duty can be as low as £17 p.a. representing an 85% saving over a typical hatchback cost of £110 p.a.†

Free parking

Most parking is free for motorcyclists. Savings of £1,200 per vehicle can be achieved when based on an annual city centre car park season ticket.

LCC exemption

Motorcycles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge and Dartford Crossing toll, making annual savings of up to £2,990 and £520 respectively.

160.2 mpg

Impressive fuel economy is thanks to efficient 4-stroke engines using finely tuned injection technology. The CBF125, for example, delivers an incredible 160.2 mpg.

44.6 g/km

Motorcycles are an effective way of meeting company CO2 fleet targets. The average fleet car produces 138 -145g/km, whereas the Vision 110 only emits 44.6g/km.

8 out of top 10

It’s essential that fleet vehicles are on the road all of the time.In a reliability survey conducted by bike paper MCN, Honda came out on top as the most reliable with 8 out of the top ten bikes.

20% BIK

Motorcycles are taxed on 20% of their On The Road value (minus first registration fee), rather than on CO2 output, meaning significantly lower Benefit in Kind implications.

ROI value

The exodus of used motorcycles to Europe, due to exchange rates, is driving residual values up, so when it comes to renewing your Honda, you’re likely to get a favourable return price and benefit from low life-costs.

† 85% saving based on Ford Focus Hatchback 2014 2.0 TDCI titanium at £110/12 months compared to a 125cc scooter at £17/12 months

Financing with Honda Contract Hire (HCH)

For businesses that prefer to hire motorcycles rather than own them outright, Honda Finance provides a Honda Contract Hire solution with many funding benefits:

  • Low initial outlay and fixed rental amounts for easy budgeting and cash flow management
  • VAT Registered Businesses may be able to recover the VAT paid on rentals*
  • All rentals are allowable against tax
  • Contract term and mileage to suit your individual circumstances**
  • Simply hand the motorcycle back with no disposal worries at the end of the agreement***
* Please speak to your accountant or tax advisor for independent advice, specific to your business. ** Limited to a maximum term of 24 months and 20,000 miles p.a. *** Subject to return conditions and excess mileage charge may apply. Honda Contract Hire is a trading style of Lex Autolease Ltd.